Volume V, has 364 pages and consists of two Parts. The first part is a "User's Manual", which consists of 90 pages, with over 160 pictures, charts and diagrams. This Part includes detailed procedures on how to inspect black powder antique projectiles to determine, if they have been properly unloaded, contain no hidden charges: and are inert. It doesnt require any dangerous procedures, requires no drilling or other hazardous operations and goes into great detail as how to "Inspect and Certify a Projectile is Inert". It uses "liquid displacement" to examine  bursting chambers, to determine if they are empty and explains how to safely remove any remaining charges. If the steps and procedures are followed accurately, it will produce accurate results. This is important as empirical data from inspections reveal about 40% of black powder explosive projectiles have been improperly deactivated, by amatures, and still contain hidden charges, or in many cases, the entire charge.

This is the first publication, of its kind, that has precise "step by step" inspection procedures to insure a projectile is inert. This Part also icludes a history of Civil War black powder E.O.D. activities; known myths and accidents; and comprehensive data, on black powder, that relates to black powder and fuses.

Part Two is a "Read Only Section", consisting of 207 pages, explaining how the author deactivated over 700 explosive projectiles, over the past 60 plus years.     IT IS NOT AN "UNLOADING MANUAL". It has been prepared to record for history, the author's methods of deactivating explosive black powder projectiles for government and other agencies, that are authorized to do this work, in order to assist them in preserving historical projectiles for future generations. Research has revealed that while hundreds of manuals have been printed describing how to destroy explosive ordnance, only 14 pages in all of American history have been printed on how to deactivate black powder projectiles.

Volume V's value to the collector, is that it includes "half-shell" and "half-fuse" sectionalized drawings of every specimen shown in the Encyclopedia series. Part Two, includes over 800 photographs, drawings, charts and sectionalized diagrams, illustrating how the author has, or "postulates" how he would deactivate every explosive projectile, hand grenade, subterra mine or war rocket, shown in the Encyclopedia series.

Because of the detailed procedures, All Purchaser's will be required to sign an "Unquailfied Waiver of Liability", governing the terms and condition of purchase. This wavier is essentially a promise not to replicate the procedures and never to use an electric drill on a suspected explosive projectile; not to allow anyone to see or copy the numbered copy of their book; and to hold the publisher, the author and anyone associated with the publication of Volume V, harmless from any claims due to death, injury, damage to property or any other claim, whatsoever, resulting from the use of their numbered copy of Volume V. 

The waivers must be signed by "Purchaser" and in front of a Notary Public, as a condition of purchase and returned to the publisher, before Volume V will be shipped.


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